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Wound management could be challenging in animals. The goal of wound management is to accelerate the healing process and not to interfere with it. Therefore, the management of the wounds requires a good understanding of the healing process of wounds to be able to treat them effectively.

First of all the wound needs to be examinated and evaluated by the vet who will take the right decision how to proceed in the management. Some wounds may need a surgical closure, some other will heal by secondary closure. Anyway the first goal is help to prevent contamination with bacteria resent in the environment. After the wound has been stabilized, cleaned and first managed the aims of wound management are: relief of pain and distress to the animal, a functional and cosmetic repair, economic and time efficient procedures and prompt decision making in the even of signs of delayed healing.

Some of the physical techniques we provide like physiotherapy, acupuncture, muscular fascia mobilisation, blu and red phototherapy, cold and heat therapy could be of help to relief pain, increase the blood flow enhancing the healing and the functional repair, reduce the amount of scar tissue that could create tension and mechanical limitation in the movement in future.

Physical therapies and electrotherapies can give a massive support when performed together with the wound management.

Our MDT team of vet nurses and vets will be able to help the management of the wound at home, in particular with challenging wound repairs.

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