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We take care of your pet with our Mobile Underwater Treadmill

The natural properties of the water such as buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, create a suitable environment for performing non concussive active exercise which helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling and stiffness, improve blood circulation, improve limb mobility, muscle strength and range of motion.

Warm water increases the circulation of blood to the muscles, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, leading to muscle relaxation and reducing pain and stiffness. Improved circulation reduces swelling around an injured area and enhances healing.

The buoyancy effect of water reduces the load on weight bearing joints which helps to reduce pain and allows easier movement and exercise.

When muscle wastage occurs because of the reduced mobility caused by chronic pain and stiffness, hydrotherapy can help to improve the mobility through safe exercise.

Movement in water is more difficult due to the resistance of the water but encouraging pain free limb movement against the resistance of water, muscle mass will increase and thus muscle wastage will be reversed.

Cats’ aversion to water is widely accepted as fact, but not all cats feel the same about getting wet. So hydrotherapy should be considered as part of the rehabilitation program also for cats.

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