Physical Therapies modalities and Electrotherapy

Physical Therapies modalities and Electrotherapy

There is a wide selection of therapeutical modalities that can be used also in dogs to improve the physical rehabilitation program. They can help the dog to regain the normal functional mobility, helping strengthen, relax and heal muscles and tissues and can be chosen depending on dogs specific condition, need and rehab goals.
Hot pack → relax tight muscle and decrease pain caused by muscle tension and spasm.
Cold pack → reduce swelling from acute inflammation. Both heat and cold can be achieved by phototherapy devices providing red and blue light.
TENS → Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a small machine using electrical transmission to decrease pain.
NMES → electrical stimulation by using a small machine using current by placing electrodes on the skin to stimulate the muscle contraction.
Light therapy → involves the use of low level laser and light intermittent diodes to improve healing in injured tissues. Red light is useful to release tension while blue light has shown antibacterial properties so good use on wound healing.
PEMF -> Pulse electro magnetic fields is a small machine that helps to restore restricted ione flow and blood suppky and stimulates the body’s regeneration process.
Kinesiology Tape → cloth tape is applied to the body to help decrease pain, improve circulation or facilitate muscle function.
Orthopaedic braces → just like with humans, they help aid healing, mobility and quality of life, sustaining the body. Very useful during a prolonged recovery from a cruciate repair as an example.

Part of these supports are also wheelchairs

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