The Benefits Of Physiotherapy

The Benefits Of Physiotherapy

“The benefits of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for small animals have been increasingly recognised
over recent years. Rehabilitation is often perceived as an alternative therapy, whereas it is in fact complementary to conventional veterinary treatment and best used in collaboration with it.

Multimodal approach is the key for successful treatment when talking of physical rehabilitation. It’s consist in:

• Decreasing pain
• Increasing range of motion
• Increasing strength
• Restoring tissue function.

Managing pain medically it is the first step.
The second step then includes increasing patient strength and fitness, reducing compensation, managing weight, starting a gentle home exercise program, ensuring we are stimmulating the mind, and optimizing the home environment to create a safe place.

There are several techniques available to help manage pain which are used through the entire rehabilitation program.

Some of them are:

• Thermotherapy
• Laser therapy
• Controlled walking
• Acupuncture
• Electrical stimulation
• Manual therapy.
• Nutrition and Food supplements

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